S  T  A  T  E  M  E  N  T
S  A  R  A  H    J  A  F  F  E     T  U  R  N  B  U  L  L
Lao Tzu      Translation by Stephen Mitchell
     I am continually amazed at the interplay between color, light and shape, whether it’s in the 

environment in which I live, or the materials with which I work to create two or three dimensional pieces. 

I prefer to work in a gestural manner, without a clear end point, remaining open to possibility.

    Clay is a wonderfully accessible and malleable medium with its own demands and constraints, moving 

from fluid to almost stone. Glaze presents an additional opportunity to say something, the fire (and in 

the case of raku, the thermal shock) having its way with the form, despite or enhancing my intention.

    I find print making a natural and complimentary practice, particularly monotypes, which invite 

freedom of expression and benefit from attention to balance and composition on the paper, lending 

a perception of depth when done well. The press adds a delightfully unpredictable element as well.

Photography has provided a new opportunity to capture color and find mystery in ordinary moments.

All Images on this site ©Sarah Jaffe Turnbull                   
Photos by Gary Mamay
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